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What is hostel?

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Word – hostel! I'm sure we've all heard a lot about it at least a couple of times, but only avid travelers know what it means. The hostel is a relatively inexpensive alternative to hotels and rented apartments around the world, making travel much more affordable for young people, students and middle class.

Hostel, translated from English – hostel. Indeed, hostels are rooms for several people, where there is a shared kitchen, toilet and shower. The hostels accommodate young people who came from other countries or cities part-time job or ordinary tourists. Also, hostels have become popular among older people. Many hostels in Europe and the United States, but in Russia opened a lot of such institutions.

In comfortable hostels you are provided with a bed in the common room and a clean bed, a locker for things, the necessary amenities in common use and even Breakfast.
There are separate male and female hostels, as well as suites and Junior suites. The number of people in common rooms can vary – on average, from 4 to 10.

The hostel allows you to save money and get the opportunity to travel around the city, which you have long dreamed of. Choosing a hostel, you can afford to live in the heart of the city much more economically than in a hotel or hotel, which is very convenient for tourists.

Unlike hotels and rented apartments, hostels have a number of features:
• Shared kitchen, free coffee, tea and cookies.
• Free Internet access. (Wi-Fi)
• As a rule, hostels have a common area with sofas, TV, movies and music.
• Some places close at certain times of the night, so you won't be able to enjoy your walks until midnight. This rule is made for the convenience of other guests.
• Quite often the hostels offer bike rentals, or discounts on tours, dining and shopping. To consult you can contact the reception where you will always be told how to have fun.

Hostels certainly have their drawbacks, dormitories, kitchen and bathroom reduce the usual level of comfort to which we are accustomed.

But the advantages of the hostel all on the face –it is certainly an affordable price. This accommodation is much cheaper than staying in any hotel. But at the same time, hostels strictly comply with sanitary standards. They are located close to the main attractions of the city. For a budget holiday hostel is a great option.

Hostel prefer even people who can afford a luxury hotel room. Living in the hostel, there is a great opportunity to communicate with foreigners from around the world, make friends from all over the world to join a foreign culture. For sociable people who by chance travel alone, this is a great opportunity to spend time in interesting company.

The hostel allows budget travel to different cities and even around the world, to meet interesting people. Often hostels are chosen by people with a certain character-loving communication, noisy companies and do not attach importance to comfort.